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Default SnowTracker - The Inside Ski-Lift & Darting Cure?

SnowTracker - The Inside Ski-Lift & Darting Cure?

What is Ski-Lift? In elementary terms it looks like this: You set up for a turn then suddenly, without warning, your sled hops up onto one ski and all your predetermined reflexes require instantaneous recalculation. You compensate for what feels like a sled about to roll. Most often you lean harder to the inside and insinctively dial in less turn angle. This puts the sled on a wider arc through the turn. If trees are coming up too quickly, a handfull of brake will reel things in. All this is accomplished in an instant thanks to your amazing reflexes.

Sometimes inside Ski-Lift is desirable. In fact, no sled corners perfectly flat all the time. Reality is this: a low center of gravity and a low roll center ( the theoretical logitudinal center of the sled) generally produce the best conering response. In other words, if the center of gravity and roll-center are in the sweet spots, inside Ski-Lift is manageable and most importantly, a predictable reaction to an aggressive clip through the twisties.

But what happens when your sled displays Ski-Lift that is not manageable? How can I eliminate or at least reduce Ski-Lift?
Enter the SnowTraker Ski System. This weird looking setup installs as quickly as a new set of carbides requiring only a one inch hole be bored into the front leading surface of the ski. Total installation time once you get your ski's off the ground to when they touch back down should be in the neighborhood of half an hour for a reasonably mechanically inclined person. These wild and agressive looking pieces create a completely settled, controllable and rider determined response to any trail surface.

The only down side to the SnowTrackers is when encountering washouts where sand and dirt are exposed or where there's bare pavement or gravel roads. At high speeds you won't be bothered, it's when you slow down or worse, stop on these surfaces that the aggresive SnowTracker can grab quite hard and become very stubborn. If your sled is studded this is less of a problem and for the most part sand, dirt, and bare roads get a little tricky even with regular carbides. So this isn't really that big of a complaint.

So if your sled suffers from darting, try out SnowTrackers and see what may be the most cost effective and simple to install answer to a serious snowmobiling problem.

For more info got to there page:
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